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Hey Girl Hey! 

I'm Jess

I write blogs, Facilitate programs, and coach young women to draw out their strengths so they can thrive in relationships, love and purpose. 

Over the years I've worked to empower women to stand strong in who they are and form deep passionate relationships.


It's been so much fun!


Who is Archeress?

archeress is...

the strong, focused woman who knows what she wants and perseveres through challenges to get it.

she looks ahead and smiles because she knows THAT with community and love, she can.

She endeavours for progress, not perfection. 

for integrity not recognition.

for wisdom, not power.


This woman is real. this woman is true.

I know all this because this woman is you. 

find out what we have in common

What's your go-to sitcom?

Book a Complimentary 30-min consult, to discover how we can work together.

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