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The Jess Story

My heart has always been about growing and equipping women. Ever since my 3 month mission trip to Cambodia my dreams blossomed and I knew what direction I needed to go on. Has path changed a few times? Yes, multiple times. But it still pointed my in the same direction. 

While in Cambodia I had the awesome opportunity to learn photography, work with young girls rescued from human trafficking and experience what a social enterprise is really like.

When I got back to Australia I knew I had to put my experiences to good use. I then got a job as a youth worker facilitating a young girls group in a low socio economic area. This job opened so many doors for me. My roles expanded to facilitating a young boys group, a business incubator for women, and manage 2 social enterprises. 

I along the way I studied leadership and management, community development, and life coaching. 

I am now married with a son arriving very soon and I work from home. Like I said, my path has changed many times but I still find it a great joy to coach women into their strengths and desires they have for their lives. 

Other fun facts about me:

  • I am happiest on sunny days

  • My personality type is INFJ (introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging)

  • I love exploring but there's no place like home

  • I have a big fat arabic family and we're all really close

  • I listened to a lot of audiobooks

  • Blogging brings me joy

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