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What could you do if...?

When I travelled in a campervan around South Island New Zealand with my cousin, we visited a lavender farm in Wanaka. Everything about it was well-thought-out and super cute. They had a shop just as you enter, with all things lavender: from creams to soaps to children’s books. On the other side of the shop they had a café that sold things like ice-cream, honey and tea. Guess what flavour it was? Yes, that’s right - Lavender! For a small fee of $2 you can walk the grounds of the farm where they had outdoor games to play and animals to pet. They even had a big, hairy yak. And of course, they had rows and rows of gram-worthy lavender plants. They had a scarecrow dressed up as a beekeeper next to a beehive where they gather their honey to make the lovely, lavender honey I told you about.

All the Ideas

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Is this a travel blog I stumbled upon?”. Lol no, no - you’re in the right place.

Take a look at all the business ideas that were established from 1 product: Lavender!

Since we had lots of time on our drive around NZ, my cousin and I would play this game called “What could you do…?” One of us would ask “What could you do if you…knew how to sew? …owned an acreage? …had an endless supply of chocolate?” etc., and then we would both list all the possibilities.

We came up with probably 200 business ideas and started none of them. The dreaming and brainstorming just stimulated our minds and got us excited for what could be.

Start here

What’s the one thing you have or know? Start there. Next time you’re stuck for an idea or you want to stimulate creativity, I encourage you to play this game. You can start with a crazy one like, “What could you do if you owned a banana grove (or something you’re serious about developing)?”. Not only is this game helpful but it’s lots of fun!


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