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Group Coaching Program

Spring in your Step-tember

Are you trying to be your authentic self but struggle to find out what that looks like in this superficial world? 

Have you lost sight of where you're heading or what your next steps are? 

 Do you keep trying new routines but hit a wall and can't seem to get the results you want.

Are you feeling confused about what you're doing wrong?

Does it feel like you go go go or do do do and see little to no progress? 

Do you wish you had the confidence in who you are to jump into your dreams or conquer fears? 

Are you longing to feel connected and supported by people who just get you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions above then this program is for you!

"Spring in your Step-tember"

A 6 week group coaching program that will spring you into action and have that pep in your step by September.

 In this program you will...
1. Discover your strengths and natural gifts
2. Create a clear vision of what a thriving life looks like to you
3. Set motivating goals and strategic action steps 
4. Confidence in your abilities and direction
5. Be empowered and connect with like minded women

The best part is you do all of this yourself BUT not by yourself.

Don't know if this is for you?

Program Breakdown

Week 1: Discover your strengths

Week 2: Set a Vision 

Week 3: Develop aspiring goals

Week 4: Strategise motivating action steps

Week 5: Draw out your inner confidence

Week 6: Connect and empower

What's included?

              Access to 6 lessons 

              Weekly online live group sessions

              Life coaching manual and workbook 

              Authentic relationships with like-minded women

              Challenges and activities that are reusable for                      any season of life

Image by Joyful

Start date: 8th August 2022

Duration: 6 weeks, 2 hours a week

Platform: Online recordings, downloadable resources and live group calls

Bonus: Exclusive offers and Bonuses for all participants

Early Bird (ends 22nd July) - $450 save $100!

Full Price (22nd July - 8th August) - $550


Do you have any questions?

Then have a chat me,

Jess the Life Coach

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